Monday, October 25, 2010

The month to be scared

October, a month to be scared and to scare others. It is a month that adults are allowed to act like kids. A month of Frights and delights. A month that I love if you can't tell yet!

Yes I love October. I love the crisp night air, the changing colors on the leaves, the joy in children's laughter as they run from house to house and get their treats, the tricks we play on each other, and the right to act like a kid (if only for one night) and dress up! Yes that's right! I like being able to dress up with the kids! I love the freedom that one night gives adults to act like kids! And you know what I REALLY love? The opportunity to have the CRAP scared out of me!

I like the haunted houses! I like the scary noises! I like watching the scary movies in the dark! I LOVE the fun of allowing ourselves the freedom to BE scared! Yes all the rest is fun, but its more like icing on the scary cake!

What is it that YOU like about Halloween? What is your favorite part? Is it the candy? The joy on the kids faces? Dressing up? Or getting the Dickens scared out of you?