Sunday, September 4, 2011

RSSS 3 Post

I didn't know what I would do today with the tragedy that struck a dear friend who was killed by her husband Friday night September 2, 2011, in front of her children. I was prepared to give an apology for not writing a Reader Scene Suggestion Sunday when I remembered one request that rather fit with my mood and feelings. So this goes out to Jamie. You were a great mother, friend, and member of my extended family. You will be dearly missed. I love you and hope you find peace in your afterlife.

And to Sarah K. Here's my reply to your request for a scene of loss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The shots rang out amongst the gasping cries of loss from children and disbelieving exclamations from strangers. She turned to run, blonde hair flying out, trying to run to while pain bloomed. Another shot rang out blood flying from her temple and she fell hard to the ground. Slowly a large shadow covered her as her husband stood over her. She saw the gun raise toward her again in the unnatural silence. She could see her children's mouths moving when she managed to turn her head, saying 'No Daddy! Mommy!'. She mouthed in return to the children she knew she'd never see again~ I love you. Watching the tears pouring down their faces she felt the bullets hitting her head and face.The silence ended as her babies cries reached out to her, and the pain from years of abuse finally faded.

As she felt the freedom from the chains of her harsh life she worried about her little ones. How will they cope? Will they ever be ok? Who will take care of them?

She started to feel light, her spirit move in the wind, up from the mortal shell that she had lived in for 30 short years.  Fighting not to leave she cried out. No! I don't want to leave. Don't make me leave them! She looked over to tear stained faces. Her oldest daughter looking on with older eyes while holding on to her littlest sister, hiding her face from the horror of what was left of their mom. While the middle child stood in shock, arms around her siblings, body shaking. 

Come now.The voice sounded faintly around her. 

No, I want to know they're okay. That they understand and know how much I love them. I want assurance that they'll be safe.

There are no assurances. As the disembodied voice spoke it seemed to grow stronger. They will live their lives, as they are meant to.

I was meant to die this way? To leave my babies behind? What is that? How fair is that? Look at them! How can you say that this is ok or fair?
She got the feeling of arms wrapping around her, holding her.

Pain is a sign of life. They will grow, they will remember, they will love.... Just as you've taught them to.

She felt the distance growing further and she turned to watch her children. 

I love you babies. Take care of each other for me.

" I love you, Mommy.  And don't worry I'll take care of them," she heard her oldest say...almost as if she had been heard. 

Slowly the scene faded, and was replaced with a blue-black sky filled with sparkling diamond like stars.

Where am I going? Her tentative question seemed to fill her.

Where you belong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I truly hope that each and every one of us takes the time to tell our loved ones how we feel. You never know what might happen, so take that minute of the day to tell them before you leave the house, or call them up and let them know what they mean to you. Life and love are too precious not to.

And remember~ if you want to challenge me or join in on RSSS email me at with a scene suggestion and whether or not you want to be acknowledged and tagged.May you have a blessed week. 

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