Walk in my mind!

I believe that all authors have their lists of not only people they know in real life who inspire them but other authors that helped them to dream big.

The people in real life are my family and friends. I know we always hear that, but stop and think about it. Your parents raise you telling you anything is possible! Your siblings egg you on, ribbing you about it but are right there standing up for you when people dare talk badly about it or you. Your friends encourage you to follow your dreams, and are brutally honest when needed. Or your best friends who will be there to give you a shoulder to cry on, an extra pair  of hands to hold back your hair as you "pray to the porcelain god" when something goes very well OR very wrong, or are right there in the middle of it with you! Thank you Joann and Scott!  ;)

But we also have other authors, artists, actors that influence us. That give us hope to believe in ourselves. That show us that reaching the stars can be done! Some of my influences, people who not only encouraged me with words but sometimes by just dreaming the same dream are as follows:

Leonard Hilley - You have shown me with perseverance I can achieve anything. A Wonderful author and a great friend I am honored to have known you and see you achieve so much!

Lorna Suzuki -You show such a fever for writing it inspires those of us who know you. Your quick wit and thoughtfulness is only a part of what makes you a great friend.

Mina Carter - You are an inspiration and have been now for a few years. I love your dry snarky British "humour", and am honored to be a part of your life. You have walked with me through some dark times, and always find a way to help the sun shine through!

JoAnne Kenrick - We are taking this walk together, even if you get to the finish line first ;) , and I am so glad to have you walking by my side during this!

Michele Bardsley - Her antics within her books have ensured that I enjoy them! Her attitude in life and friendly nature makes sure we enjoy her! If you are a fellow Minion you know what I mean! And if you aren't, well why the hell not? lol

Dakota Cassidy - A wonderfully hilarious lady who shows us humor, beauty, and brains can achieve alot~ But doing it with attitude gives it STYLE!

Ciar Cullen - Who is a wonderful author and a wonderful lady! Who inspires me to better myself, and achieve what I once believed to be impossible with her kind ways and open heart!

Sara Taney Humphreys - A woman who shares her dreams and success with the men and women who fight for our beliefs! A woman who dreams with her family and friends, and always has time for us no matter her busy schedule! An inspiration for spirit and mind!

Kayla - I will not put her last name until I have permission, but this teen is an inspiration as well. She has become like a daughter to me, and helping her to fulfill her dreams has inspired me to look back on the dreams I had at her age! To be a good role model I too must follow the path I most desire! Thank you Kayla! 

And these are just a few that I have read and gotten to know better over the years. What about you? Who helped you to reach for your dreams? Whether by word, action, or deed?


  1. Your support and kind, thoughtful words are the things that keep writers like me inspired to make the next adventure as good, if not better, than the last story! Thank you, Nicole!
    Have a lovely week,

  2. Hey, Nicole, great topic for your first blog.
    And you'll probably beat me to it. And you can bet I'll totally be the first in line at the ebook store to get me a copy of SH!!

    Here's to walking the line together (yeah, cheesy, I know. But hey, you know that's my special talent).

    As for people who inspire me,
    My gosh, there have been so many.
    AE Rought was totally there for me when I began taking journey toward getting published. She really was. Not only as a friend, but as an honest and often brutal critic of my work. Which I'll love her for forever.

    You, for always being there for me, and keeping my chin up during long hours of waiting and for beating my run-on habit out of me. Or for at least trying to. hehe

    And I have to add Ciar, too, for her awesome Mayan Series -- my first ebook purchases. They aspired me to try harder and to take my work seriously. Of course, it's funny how that turned out -- but I won't share this story here... that's for a blog of my own, I think. hehe

    I also have to credit ALL the authors who blog and tweet etc... about how to write and submit, about their ups and downs (which makes me feel apart of the publishing world) and to all the editors who continually pass tips and advice.

    Last but not least, today, Michele Hauf is on my mind as a person I can say has inspired me.
    She posted a heartfelt post about being rejected -- I couldn't help but feel closer to my goals just by knowing even the great authors get the big R. I'm not alone!

    You can bet I'll think of tons more when I hit the 'post comment' button, but I have to do it now. Or I figure I'll be naming names like a drunken oscar winner!

  3. I am immeasureably flattered that you consider me an inspiration. You are a lovley lady and always so supportive of other writers...and your friends. Thank you for thinking of me and keep following those dreams!

  4. Crickey. Stunned.

  5. Nicole, I met Lorna through Twitter and she is a great inspiration! Best of luck with your new blog!

  6. Lorna- It is always a pleasure to support such a great lady!

    JoAnne- HAHAHA! You are submitted, I am only just finishing! But I thank you for the kind words! And I love your list!

    Sara- Of course I think of you! You are an inspiration to not only me but many I believe! And look at how well you have done! Simply brilliant!

    Ciar- Lol, you shouldn't be stunned! Wonderful lady who does it all!

    Jessica- I agree she is great! And thank you!