Saturday, April 23, 2011

w00t! Celebration time!

Yep that's right! It's time to celebrate! Why do you ask? Because Snow's Heat was contracted last night! w00t w00t! Yeah, that's right, uh huh, do the happy dance with me!

Writing a book isn't easy- but getting published is harder! And when you get that email that makes you "an official author", well it's like the sky opened up and is crying rainbow tears of joy. You hear "hallelujahs" being sung in sweet young voices. The day seems brighter. Your heart tries to beat its way out of your chest and your feet seem to fly away with the urge to dance. In other words- total bliss.

I tell all my friends who are new authors- revel in that feeling. Roll in it like catnip! Suck in all those rays of sunshine and laughter and awe that you did it- because now the fun/hard part comes. Lol, I'm just so nice right? But seriously folks, it is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G feeling to get that email- more so after rejections, just don't forget you still have work to do!

If you have yet to do this- it is a mixture of OMGOMGOMG and a mixture of oh HELL! You get the contract! w00t w00t! BUT read through it! Don't let your excitement get ahead of you. :) Just a word to the wise. I have seen others go through this- if you have questions on the contract ASK! Better safe than sorry.

Next you have your "author bio sheet". UGH Author bios. Like we really want to talk in-depth about ourselves in third person? >.> Lol, my suggestion would be look at your life, look at a couple of author's bios of people you read, and after you write it up ask a friend to look it over for you. Getting that mixture of personal and professional can be tricky.

The one you would think would be *SQUEEEEEE* fun is the cover info... LOL! It was fun up until "What is the TONE of your book" .... tone? really? *sigh* It would be more simplistic if you asked for a blurb or suggestions or what the author would like.... but tone? *headdesk*

But once all of those are done it is back to *SQUEEEE* time! You did it! Not only did you manage to write the darn thing- you managed to get a House INTERESTED in the darn thing- next (after edits) will be to SALE the darn thing! So yes- with Snow's Heat now accepted, contracted, and I am now awaiting edits and the cover art it is official. More than with publishing poem, or contests, or writing shorts for pleasure. Now I can call myself an author, in my mind it is official. :)