Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Hoopla!

Wow, the holidays are coming up fast! Soon it will be time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. A time for parents to rush to and fro, trying to appease their children and their inner child. A time of "boo!" "trick or treat" "man I'm stuffed more than that turkey was!" "merry Christmas" and "ohhhh, ahhhhh"'s over haunted houses and Christmas lights.

It is also a time for packed stores, fighting over costumes and presents, internally cursing the person in front of you at check out because they got a bigger turkey/ham than you could find (which means they got there before you, darn them!), rushing home to try to start cooking the day before so that you (hopefully) get to visit with your guests or family, and late nights of wrapping gifts or opening bags of candy.

And amongst all of the hoopla, turmoil, and stress we find ourselves smiling happily. Why is that? Maybe because what brings others joy is what makes us happy? Maybe because we enjoy the outcome of all of that whirly-gig motion? Or maybe because we are weirdly demented and actually enjoy the stress? LOL! Whatever it is, it is what makes the holidays very memorable indeed!

I have to say out of all of the holidays in they year my favorite two are coming up; Halloween and Christmas. Halloween because, well let's face it, even us adults get to act like kids and dress up~ have fun for a night, go to haunted houses, eat candy, have a reason to stay up late, get a sugar rush (for those still lucky enough to get them!), and smile and laugh. We get to act out as much as the kids!

Christmas, well because it is Christmas. It is a time of setting aside your differences and to make others happy. To see children's eyes light up when they notice the cookies and milk are gone that they left out for Santa. To know that you got that perfect gift for someone that they were too scared to ask for. And to hold your friends and family close! It is, to me, the ultimate day to show everyone you love how much you love them, and not by spending a ton of money on them but by showing them how well you know them with a small gift and a smile.

So, what are your favorite holidays, and why? Care to share any favorite memories? Or recipes?


  1. I love all the holidays coming up. Halloween is fun for me now since I've had kids. My husband even dressed up last year. Something he had not done since he was about 11 years old. My four year has been planning this years costume since Nov. 1st of last year. She is going to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. We even got her a red wig. I love Christmas too. Family and good food! Bring on the eggnog! I live for that stuff! My MIL has a christmas buffet that is to die for evey Christmas and I try to bake something for it everyyear. My moms Mexican wedding cake cookies and my meatballs are the best and our a real hit. Thanks for sharing today!!!

  2. Oh buffet eh? YUMMY! And oh girl, share some recipes with the recipe fanatic! Dressing for Halloween is one of the fun things! When I can get the kids to agree we try to do a family costuming, all from the same thing. But alas you know kids! ;)

  3. I typically dread Christmas because it's always been my favorite time of the year -- family traditions gallore. But when we moved out of North Wales, Christmas just wasn't the same. And then when we moved out of the country, worse still!
    But we're going back to Wales for Christmas this year, so I can say I'm really looking forward to spending it with the family...all of the familY! wheee
    But I love Halloween. The excuse for a scary movie fest, the candy, the candles and of course...watching the smiles on all the kiddlets dressed up, looking cute (yet meant to be scary). awww

  4. How cool! I want pics! I bet it will be gorgeous! I am happy for you!

  5. Nicole, it was very cute the year before last My daughter was a lady pirate and daddy dressed as a pirate too. I had some cat ears from Highshcool so I dress as their pet cat. Not very creative but fun! LOL! I send some of my receipes later if I can dig em out of my mess here. They are simple and not too hard!

  6. Lol well recipe fanatic was better than recipe ho! hehehe and send them when you can, I LOVE them!