Saturday, November 13, 2010

Facebook Mock Cover Contest!

I have a Mock Cover contest going on my Facebook page! The rules are as follows:

1. Cover must be at least 300 dpi
2. It must abide by the copyright laws (I have snow leopard pictures if you want to use them)
3. It MUST give a hint at the book- Snow Leopard shifter Romance

The contest runs until December 1st.
I will tag the artists on their covers.
The top THREE most liked covers will be announced and posted on December 2nd
The winner out of the top three will be announced on December 8th

What is the prize you are wondering?
The artist as well as one lucky commenter will receive:
1. A small poster of the cover
2. Their choice of a coffee mug featuring the cover OR a $10 gift card

I will use the winning cover as my Facebook Profile picture
I will also post the winner here in the Snippets of Imaginings section as the conceptual art for the book!

SO if you love "mucking about" with pictures, and would love something with your work on it, friend me and enter! The blurb for Snow's Heat is below! Good Luck! And most importantly HAVE FUN!


The Blurb for Snow's Heat:

When your husband declares you aren’t enough after ten years, don’t get mad… Get a Bic and start a bonfire!

When Sabrina’s husband decides to move on to greener and freer pastures, she knows she has to move on herself. Wounded and alone, she escapes to a friend’s cabin to think about her future. As she burns away the remnants of her past she has some decisions to make.

Can she rise from the ashes of her marriage a new woman, or did she lose too much trying to salvage an illusion? Dealing with the heartache of her new reality, she meets a mystery man in the backwoods that makes her burn with desire.

Once just a soldier, now Travis is something...more. His last tour changed him in more ways than one. Can he come to terms with what he is, while dealing with the mixture of lust and possessiveness that Bree brings out in him?

Just when Bree thinks she may be ready to move on, her past manages to find her. Will she allow it to step between her and her new life and love? Will Travis let her be stolen from him...or will he accept what he is and fight for what he wants? 


  1. Been watching those entries, wow people are talented :)

    Is it crazy to see someone else's visual conception of your story, Nicole?

    I remember seeing the first mock up cover for my upcoming para/rom/vamp release When A Mullo Loves A Woman -- it was quite a tear (of joy) worthy moment :)

  2. It IS amazing how talented people are! Especially in ways that I'm not! LOL

    I have actually been enjoying seeing how they view it. It is an honor and an 'awww' moment all at once! I have been really enjoying it, and the fact that some are using pictures that I have taken is amazing! And yes, it is a good tear worthy moment. :D