Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Call out for help for a family that was burned out of their home

A friends brother's house JUST burned down. They were on their way to a Renessance Fair when they got a call to turn around and come home. Literally just yesterday. They had put one dog in a kennel, and left one at home to be looked after by a neighbor. Someone broke into their home right after they left Friday, took their gas can from the garage and started fires in the kids rooms. This family lost everything they left behind on what they thought would just be a weekend trip. From pictures, clothes, books, and laptops, to their beloved pet that was left in what they thought was the safety of their home.

The dad when asked what he needed answered "I have everything I need right here." He pointed to his wife and children. One of his daughters started crying, "I won't ever hold my books again." I was called to see if I could send the kids some of the Young Adult books that I have reviewed, since they are all avid readers. I would like to go one step further. We will never be able to put the things they lost back in their hands, but I would like to be able to put smiles back on the kids faces, with your help. I am taking donations of Amazon Gift cards, YA ebooks, or Kindles. I want to buy these four kids Kindle Wi-fis, and load them with books that they lost-as well as new ones. I want them to shed tears of joy if tears must be shed, instead of tears of loss and sorrow.

The ages of the kids are:
16 year old girl
13 year old boy
11 year old girl
9 year old boy

Please share your love and show the kids some heart on this holiday weekend. Help me to help them with donations of Amazon Gift Cards for Kindles and PDFs of Young Adult books to fill them.
Send all donations to:
here or  if you don't have outlook.
If donating books please use Fire Donations in the subject line. I will add all of the names of the participants to the card that is sent to the kids, unless the you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you so very much in advance, for making a difference in this tragic time for these kids!

I am starting donations with my own $25 Amazon Card. Any amount from $10 on up will help.

We have started a raffle as well- see HERE for the post and list of prizes available.


  1. Would donations of actual books be okay?

  2. Stuff if you would prefer to send paper books or PDF files email me at

  3. Wow the poor family, I have the address from MJD facebook page. I am sending a box out on Monday. It is such a tragedy.