Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PJ Party : Mega author blog Party Til Your Heels Fly Off! Winner announced!

Wow! I *LOVED* everyone who came visiting for the PJ Party! It was a blast learning what others think hehehehe ^-^

But I know you are all waiting to learn who the winner is huh? *taps fingertip on lip* Hmmm should I tell you? Hmmm? Well?

LOL! Ok, ok I'm not *that* mean! The winner is..... *drum roll*

June M. said...
Definately would go with boxers/boxerbriefs or in the buff! Since I tend to like to sleep in tank tops and boxers, we might fight over the boxers! GFC: June M. manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com  
Thank you all for playing! I look forward to seeing everyone again for the next blog hop! ^-^ You will be here.... yes? ;) And don't forget there is another chance to win a copy of Snow's Heat HERE and that Snow's Heat is released on FRIDAY! *Big Grin*

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