Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Blog Hop Winner!

Winner winner winner! This is both my favorite time and the one I feel guilty about.... Why? Because there can be only one winner. First let me say thank you to everyone who participated! I was thrilled hearing all of your stories! It is people like you that make writing a thrill in so many ways!

Ok ok I know you all want to know who won... You're yelling that I've gabbed enough... and so...Drum roll please..... The winner is (thanks to random.org):

inga said... Nice to meet you! I found you through this blog hop!

Well, before I go to your questions and answer them I loved the blurb. I am quite in the same situation in my life where your Sabrina is. the only difference is, that I haven't burned anything literally yet :) Your book sounds interesting and hot!

Now to the answers: I have a semi-childish spirit, so doing something fun comes easy to me. I can organize treasure hunts to my friends for birthdays, I do not mind playing and fooling around with my friends, like singing my heart out in the middle of the night; I love reading children's books, especially Astrid Lindgren's ones; I have always had some friends who are much younger than me and they have kept me young, too! for Easter Holidays I hide eggs in my garden and make my family or friends finding them - the list is long!

Of course, I always choose a right place and time for that :)

I follow your blog with GFC inga.

Congrats Inga! I'm emailing you now! I hope you enjoy Snow's Heat! 

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