Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour

Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour
Trick or Treat
Gawd the Heat
Book Boyfriends are mental-sweets!

The word in the photo is just one of your “treats”! Make sure you keep that word in a safe place. “Visit” the Road to Hell series ( tomorrow, and each day thereafter, to find the next “treat”! The Sweet Heat Trick or Treat Blog Tour ends October  31st and on Halloween you’ll return to the Road to Hell series blog and receive your final word. Here’s the “trick”—you’ll have to arrange all the words you’ve received each day into a sentence and then provide the sentence in the rafflecopter provided. New entries will be added to the rafflecopter each day so be sure to check back at the Road to Hell series every day to increase your chances of winning!

Ready for your other treat? 

Like me
Love me
Lick me
Bite me 
I figure we should stick with the season yes? I asked on my facebook what they preferred and they said a lil bit of anything, lol. And since its the season of ghouls and ghost, witches and bitches, hounds of hell and all other kinds, I would give you a short scene or tale of terror. What say you? Interested? Well my friends, both new and old, just read on! 

Things are never scary in the light of day. Right? But what do you think happens to the creatures of the night? Do you think we magically disappear simply waiting for night rise again? I hate to be the one to burst your sunlit soaked bubble of hope here, but ehhhhh wrong! We may slink, slide, or fly away from those harsh rays, but we’re still around. And some of us… well some of us merely find the hours of daylight annoying. A pestilence of hope in our lives of darkness. Who amongst you mere humans want your lives scrutinized? Every act dissected? Every meal looked upon as a heinous act? No, I’m sure you don’t. And neither do we…. Ok, maybe I can’t speak for the collection of the night, but I don’t.

I always hear you day lovers talking about how hard it is to find the right girl/guy. How there’s ‘not enough hours in the day’ to work, be yourselves, and find someone to love. You have the day and part of the night- so stop your belly aching! Try only having from sunset to sunrise. Think about trying to date a vamp for instance. You’re making out and the sun starts to rise. You think things are really heating up between you two- when all that’s heating up is your date as he bursts into a small flames. Talk about a mood killer.

Or how about a zombie? There’s just nothing sexy about loose skin, my friends. Or spending half the night looking for something your date lost, when it turns out to be a finger or an eye. (shudders)

And yeah, I’ve tried to date a shifter. Talk about hormonal! They’re worse than I was when I had a period! All wanting to cuddle and neck one moment, then thinking you’re their next meal another. Or the hairiness, oh my god! Really they should buy stock in Nair. Or Gillette. They could be the cure for baldness! “You want more hair? Just go to your local woods on a full night! Lack of hair will be the least of your worries!”

And ghosts? Do you really think I want to date another one of me? Talk about a lifeless relationship! And you can’t hold an argument- they will literally disappear on you.

So I think I want to try humans now. After all I use to be one. I know the ins and outs so to speak. And there’s nothing quite as fun as blowing a man while he can’t see you. Have you ever seen the confused look turn to one of pure ecstasy? It’s a wonderfully powerful feeling. Even if they don’t know its me at the time.And speaking of I think that its almost evening, and the hotel I've been staying at has quite a few eligible bachelors, if you get my meaning. Thanks for coming by! Oh.... my name? Sharon, my friend. Sharon Stanley. And don't worry we'll meet again. The next time you feel what you think is the wind blowing softly on your neck and ear, just think about me. 

Thank you for coming by meeting Sharon, spending time with us, and being a part of this blog tour. Now don't forget about the rafflecoptor, and as an added bonus I will give one lucky commenter a $10 Amazon gift card! So spread the word and spread the love! And thank you again for coming by!



  1. Sharon sounds like she would be a fun friend!

  2. <3 it!!! And I agree with Kelli Jo!!

  3. Awesome post ! She would be a cool friend!

  4. That was cute, and funny. Thanks for the laugh!

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