Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Bash winners announced

I am such a bad busy gal! But that's no excuse. You lovelies came out to spend my bday with me and I am thrilled for that! I will announce the winners with no further ado.... *drums fingers on table to make it suspenseful*

rhonda said...
I am an old follower and a old friend on Facebook. I shared on Twitter as well as Facebook. I also added you to my goodreads! I am excited to celebrate your birthday with you ;) ~And~
Gracen Miller said...
How have I not already been following you here? I follow you everywhere else. I sound like a stalker...hehehe Rhonda Perkins-Helton sent me, but I'm glad she did! Woot! Huggles, Gracen a/k/a Momma Hellhound Congrats! And because I was so very late I will let choose a third winner!
Dawn Hagan said...
we are already friends on facebook and I sent you a friend request on goodreads :) Being with my wonderful husband and two boys are the best with out them my life would be meaningless If you lovely winners will email me with what format you would like your book in I will send those right out to you! :D :D *HUGGLES*


  1. Thank you :) my email address is

  2. Thank you so much! What a great way to start the day!
    Nothing in my e-mails from you yet ;)

  3. my email is