Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Reader Scene Suggestion Sunday

We're starting a new tradition here my friends. Reader Scene Suggestion Sunday, or RSSS. This is where a reader sends me a suggestion for a scene~ anything goes. Genre, heat level, everything is up for grabs. All you have to do is email me at with your suggestion and letting me know whether you want to be tagged and acknowledged when it goes live. Easy huh? And here is our first one!

Laurie Peterson thank you for this opportunity. It was a challenge (especially with this being the day before school starts lmao) and one I totally enjoyed! I went in a way I'm not sure that you were expecting, but here's hoping that everyone enjoys it!


So....not too racy but my scene is about a male werewolf and a male vamp who are already lovers and a zombie male who wants to join the party as it were...of course the lovers don't want a 3rd mate, because zombies and that whole eating brain thing and zombie comes back with " there's something much tastier to eat" and take it away Nicole!

Here you go Laurie! 

As Ken and Kevin’s sweat drenched bodies cooled in the night air, Ken knew he couldn’t be happier. You would think a couple with the whole cutesy name, and not to mention gay, thing would be a tad over the top, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact you couldn’t find two people more different who were as in love.

What do you get when you mate a vampire and a werewolf? A dog whose bite is worse than his bark. 

As he started laughing the breeze brought the smell of death. Not the dry smell that emanated from his lover, but one of rot. A stench filled with old and new blood, a putrid aroma. As a moaning groan filled the air around them they jumped up into defensive positions.

Hard to defend the one you love when you have dangling bits flying free. The thought was fleeting as the bushes started moving.

“What is it, Ken? Can you tell?”

As he started to answer the smell grew stronger. He stepped back and to the side, tracking the god awful stench. As he opened his mouth again a form stepped between the bushes.


“Not shit,” the stranger in front of them commented.

“Well we don’t have brains for sale either.” Ken knew his smart mouth would get him in trouble one day. Hopefully that day won’t be today.

“Now why would I want what you obviously don’t have?” The voice held a hint of a southern twang. “But I wouldn’t mind putting my mouth around what you so obviously do have.”

“Oh hell no!” Both men cupped their bare genitals. 

“I watched you from downwind, and you two are beautiful together. I could have taken you while y’all were occupied but I didn’t. I gave you a chance to see me. Only fair since I saw all of y’all.”

The wretched being ran a hand through stringy thinning hair as he sighed.

“Do you have a clue how hard it is to find someone to let you near them once you’re what I am.”

“Besides smelly, brain deprived, and oh yeah a zombie?”

“Shut up, Ken!” Kevin’s voice was surprisingly strong considering the strange conversation going on, and the fact that they were butt-assed naked in front of something that was known for eating people.

And not just in the metaphysical way either. Ken shuddered. At least when I eat something it’s already dead!

“Oh like you’re gonna let him get anywhere near Mr. Happy? Or should I say Mr. Not-so-happy-at-the-moment. And ,baby, let me just add for the record…if you’re having one of those kindred moments and even considering it…if you decide to try it…you’ll have to take a bleach bath before I go down on you again…if you have anything left, that is.”

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  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! And not really to far from what I was thinking either. Love the humor part, which would have been a part of any story I'd do. And now of course I want the rest of the story please!

  2. I wouldn't mind reading more either. You did a great job and very funny. I'll be bookmarking this site. I'm curious to see what you do next sunday :)Billi

  3. LOL I'm thrilled you liked it Laurie! It was a fun one to do!

    Awesome Billi! Can't wait either! The grin is spreading as I type! ^-^

  4. As I told ya last night, this had me cracking up! The two lines in particular that set me to LMAO were "A dog whose bite is worse than his bark." and "Mr.Happy" and "Mr. Not-so-Happy". I laughed so hard over those. I adore your sense of humor and wished I could write it, but I'll stick to the horror and sex scenes. lol

    Fantastic job, Nicole!!


  5. LOL! hehehe you know I couldn't let it go snark-free! LMAO I'm glad you liked it! Especially if the snark made you smile! :D

  6. LOL Thank you JoAnne! :D It was a blast! Actually ended up writing two versions but I liked this one best ;-)

  7. Too funny! I could just picture those guys grabbing their essentials and backing up. lol


    billi jean