Thursday, November 17, 2011

Name that story Contest!

Would you like to be in the dedication of a book? Well here's your chance!

I'm having a 'naming' problem with my newest novella! I'll give you the jist of it~ Choose three to five names and use those to see which gets the most votes! Now to get to the meat of it eh?

Setting Hotel in Texas

Female lead~
Feline shifter
From Texas
Mother and erotic author
Friend to Kenya from No Dogs Allowed
Uses the 1Night Stand service to find a match

Male Lead~
Fox shifter with powers to enhance feelings of love and magic
From Southern Italy
Father Anteros italian god of love and passion
Mother Kitsune demon
Uses 1NS service to find a woman who loves him for who he is not the powers he got from his parents

In an effort to find a man like the ones in her stories Andria elicits the help of Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand service. Is it possible to find a man that can deal with all the sides of her life~ including the brat squad that are her children? Or is it only in the pages of books that you can find a good man. 

Clay is tired of women fawning over him for all the wrong reasons. How can you trust someone who says they love you when they've never been with you outside your power area? Is true love only a myth? Can he find a woman who loves him for who he is and not what he is?

Now with all of that in mind give me your thoughts! Here we go my friends! You have until Thanksgiving to give me suggestions! I will chose my favorites out of them and post the second part of the contest on the 27th! 

I can't wait to see what you all come up with! 


  1. Italian Love Spell? Not alot of info to work with lol or Mate for Life?

  2. My suggestion; "Imagine There's No Magick"

  3. Vulpes, a night to remember

    if i can think of anything else ill drop by

  4. I'm thinkin' Outfoxed, since he's half kitsune :-) Or maybe Foxy Lady, though that doesn't really apply to her.

  5. Southern Magick (and then hint at the shifters with the cover art)

  6. LOVE: Fate or Fiction? Or keep the LOVE part off

    Love shifts

    Love Passion and Fiction

    The Shift of Fate

    Fictional Fate of Love

    OK I could go on FOREVER! I love names! Good luck Nicole! I hope you find one you love!!!

    (AND I cant wait to read this book)!!!!

  7. 1) DOUBT: Feral wish/request

    OR just simply

    2) Feral wish/request (not sure which one i like the most...)

    BTW: I love her name ;))
    Good luck! :)

  8. I'm loving Nia's suggestion Out Foxed! It'll totally match the fun vibe of the title No Dogs Allowed, too :)

  9. Since Clay has the power he does: The Power of Love

  10. Foxed Out of Love

    Shift Happens ...ha ha

    Magic of the Fox

    Shifting Fate

    Fate of the Fox

  11. One Foxy lady

    Devine magick

    Magikal rapture

    Binding force

    Shifted magik

  12. Shifter Dating Service: 1Night Stand Dating service for shifters ran by shifters

  13. can you find lifetime love with 1Night stand?

    Or: My Magic Mate or Magic Match

  14. Shifting Tails

    Ciao Kitty

    Shifting Sands

    Tangled in Tails

    Kitty Ciao / Kitty Chow

    By The Way

    Understated and DeClawed

    lol will post more as i think of them.

  15. Furry Fever

    Volpelicious (volpe = Italian for fox)

    Amore Legato (Love Bound)

  16. Wild Sides

    Make No Mistake



    If I'm Lucky

    Foxy Tail

  17. A lot of these ideas are really catchy! I have to say... I enjoy reading them!

    I think it is cheating for me to comment, but I shall anyways.

    Feline Perfection
    Feral Protection
    Feral Rights
    Feline Rights

  18. Clay, dude, you're cool and all... but... eff "Feline Perfection"

    Feral Perfection ?

  19. You already gave your suggestions, buddy. Leave mine alone! :-P

  20. ROFLMAO oh I'm loving this and all of the suggestions so far! Keep them coming! :D

  21. Foxy attraction
    Italian Foxtrot
    One night with a fox

    Loving all the suggestions so far lol..