Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ohhh guess what was in my email last night? And other news lol

LOL yep yep that's right! Snow's Heat! How exciting. Seeing it all put together is awesome, and makes it just a bit more real. Seeing the different formats and the ISBN number is definite *SQUEEEEE* time! :D Am I bouncing and acting like a loon? You betcha! Now for the part that is a tad harder... finding reviewers for Snow's Heat, LOL it is definitely different being on this end of the reviewing table... :)

 I also have a couple of other projects going on-
Working on Book 2: Tentatively named Snow's Fury right now
Starting a super short (less than 12k) HFN (Happily for now)
Working on a prequel to Snow's Heat- giving readers a free look into Travis :)
And trying to find time to work a bit more on Catting around.

Of course this is also summer- so the kids are home- and I still have to find time to do edits, housework, animals, to play, try to relax, oh and sleep! Can't forget that can we? *snicker*

So that's my exciting *beginning of the summer* news. How are you all doing?

And before you head off! Let me share with you the book Trailer/Tease for Snow's Heat! Video done by JoAnne Kenrick! (If you haven't read her book When a Mullo Loves a Woman you are missing out!)

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