Sunday, May 1, 2011

When do things go too far? Speak out!

Are you wondering about the blog title? Things going too far. That's a bit vague no? Ok so let's break it down.

Censorship isn't necessarily a bad thing right? I mean we censor what our children watch, read, and hear. We censor ourselves when speaking to others, so as not to hurt feelings. We censor our actions to suit others more often than not, most notably would be how we act around our families. So you are thinking yes, yes, yes these are all good things, right? Things that everyone does.

But what about censoring something that someone else does? What they say/think/feel? Ok how about what they write? That seems to be a bit ridiculous don't you think? We live in America, a free country. One that people try to run INTO for that very thing freedom.

Yet just the other day I hear something that simply blows my socks off, truly. A teacher was successful in her art- writing. Something you would think that her town would be proud of right? Something they have known that she has done for some years. Oh wait did I tell you what she writes? No? Fanatsy/paranormal erotica.

Now some of you may gasp, some may snicker, and others I have intrigued. Yes erotica, she writes hot "smut" as one irate parent complained. And before you join in on the "bashing" bandwagon, let me give you a bit more info. She wrote under a pseudonym, not her real name. She never brought her work on campus to pass out to her high school classes. She never tried, by all accounts, to even make herself famous in that town by her work as an author. She was quiet about it, sedate in her home town even. But recently, she was "recognized" and this was brought out to the news.

News, now would you think this would be news? A teacher has a second job... ohhhhh. She is not a topless dancer. Nor is she selling her body or drugs. She is selling her imagination. She is making money on her ability to use words.. Oh yes, did I mention she was an ENGLISH teacher?

One of the parents interviewed in this 'oh so newsworthy' story said- and here is a direct quote from the news stations site people-"Now my son knows so how is he thinking when he's sitting in her class knowing what she does on the side."  Seems an incongruous statement- insulting but harmless correct? Watch the "video" and it tells a different story. You hear the insinuation. Ok now let me reiterate something else- she teaches HIGH school. So this parent is insinuating that this author/teacher is also a pedophile? Ok excuse me for a moment to be unprofessional-- PUH-LEASE! By all accounts this is a hard working, well liked by her students, GOOD teacher. Her only fault? To have a job that some others think is "dirty".

Well, let me tell you (yeah, I know you already know this) if erotica wasn't popular there wouldn't be multiple Houses, authors, OR have its own set of genre! Erotica is something that is no longer in the darkest of rooms or the dark corner of your mind. It is out there for everyone to see and experience. We are SUPPOSE to be in the age of acceptance. We are suppose to stop our children from bullying and being bullied. We are suppose to be numerous things, but these parents show just how far we are from what our society would like us to be. 

Granted I am a bit of a sh!t starter. I live now in the bible belt. A non-alcohol selling, quiet, church going every Sunday, listen to country, non-cussing bible belt. And what do I do? I go through the town blaring S&M or Down with the Sickness, or Bodies. I DON'T go to church. And I (gasp) cuss. Yeah no fitting in here, lmao. But you know what? The people who know me in town are PROUD of me for getting published. Heck they asked all about my "adult" book, and told me they wanted to read it. That is what should have happened to this author! 

Now I have a question for you. What do you think of this? What do you think about a teacher having a second job as an erotic author? Is it a bad thing in your mind? 

Below are links to both news articles and the Youtube video by one of the former students of this teacher, as well as the link to her Support page on Facebook. 

Original Story

Second Story

Facebook Support Page

Youtube video from a former student


  1. I really can't believe the Ignorance & stupidity of these small brained idiots what a person such as a teacher or anyone for that matter does in their own home is their own business she wasn't teaching it or suggesting it to any of the students so what's the problem I would glady have had her teach my girls & grankids

  2. Same here! The way that parent made the implication about her "looking at her son" just made me so upset! And they have a bit of gall to speak like that! Do they speak out about everyone's jobs do you think?